The choreographer-duo Gintersdorfer/Klaßen will be opening the German Dance Platform 2016 with a terrific “clash de luxe” of pop cultures! The extravagance is already evident in its cast of fifteen eccentrics from the international dance, club and performance scene. Not Punk, Pololo is dedicated to the legendary Ivory Coast gangster John Pololo. As a fashion icon for “tough guys”, he became a subversive artificial character, whose cool remarks and distinct dance style is influences to this day life on the streets of the Ivory Coast. Now the Pololo movement, German punk and queer club cultures directly clash on stage. In fast-paced group choreographies and musical-dance solos, street dance from Abidjan, twerking, crumping and voguing merge into a happening that teems with energy.

Concept, direction, equipment: Monika Gintersdorfer, Knut Klaßen * With: Marc Aschenbrenner, Cécilia Bengolea, Nadia Beugre, Alexander Cephus, Gotta Depri, Jule Flierl, Ted Gaier, Hauke Heumann, Jesseline Preach, Magali Sander-Fett, Anta Helena Recke, Ismaera Takeo Ishii, Eric Parfait Francis Taregue alias SKelly, Hans Unstern, Thomas Wenzel, Franck Edmond Yao alias Gadoukou la Star * Production assistant: Julia Pfeiffer * Dramaturgy: Nadine Jessen, Katinka Deecke * With experimental fashion by: Marc Aschenbrenner * A production of Gintersdorfer/Klaßen in cooperation with Theater Bremen * Funded in the Fonds Doppelpass of the Federal Cultural Fundation * Supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) Coproduction Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag. The guest performance is supported by the Goethe Institute.

Gintersdorfer/Klaßen (Bremen/Berlin/Abidjan)
Not Punk, Pololo
Wed. 02.03., Thu. 03.03.2016

* 90 min, PC 1: € 37,- / red. € 18,50 | PC 2: € 29,- / red. € 14,50 | PC 3: € 21,- / red. € 10,50.
In German, English and French with German translation

Schauspiel Frankfurt
Neue Mainzer Str. 17
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Featuring I

The Featuring with Gintersdorfer/Klaßen takes place at thursday 3/3 from 10 am - 10.45 am at the festival centre at Mousonturm.

10 -10:45 am Gintersdorfer/Klaßen
10.55-11.40 am Billinger & Schulz
11.45 am -12.30 pm Isabelle Schad
free of charge, more information

Event Dates

Wed. 02.03.2016
Opening of the Dance Platform 2016 - Not Punk, Pololo

8 p.m. 

Thu. 03.03.2016
Not Punk, Pololo - Warm-up 7 p.m.

8 p.m.